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When to Complain

v      If an advertisement  to provide the services of any kind of sex selection is published

v      If a clinic using the pre-conception and pre natal diagnostic techniques is not registered under the PC&PNDT Act. Register ion certificate need to be displayed publicly

v      If any person has got sex selection of his or her unborn child done

v      If any medical professional has communicated the sex of unborn child to his patient

v      If a clinic registered under the PC&PNDT Act is not maintained the mandatory records under the Act. In case of ultrasound scan it is Form F that has a consent form from the patient declaring that she has not detected the sex of her unborn child and medical professional affirmation that the scan was not done for sex selection

v      If any person is compelling a pregnant women to under go sex selection done

v   if any body is assisting or facilitating the process of sex selection